About the Foodie – Figure Friendly Foodie

About the Foodie

Nancy Valentino, the Figure Friendly Foodie, has been passionate about healthy eating and living since she began her 109 lb. weight loss journey five years ago. Nancy self-educated herself on how to eat healthier and exercise properly.  Her motivation and commitment let her to retain the changes she made during her weight loss journey, and instill them into her every day life permanently.

Nancy has provided her tips and motivation to thousands of viewers on her YouTube channel.  Her channel provides a unique and interesting blend of tips for healthy eating and living along with “figure friendly” recipes that are simple to prepare.

Nancy holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  She is also the author of three eBooks, “Embracing the Change” (which outlines her 109 lb. weight loss journey), “Maintaining the Change” (followup to Embracing the Change), and “The Figure Friendly Foodie’s Guide to Eating”.

Nancy has also been a freelance model since 2006.  Photos of Nancy have been used in Polish Newsweek and she has also been featured on the National product packaging for Animal Planet’s Travel Pet Bed.

In her spare time, Nancy enjoys Pilates, horseback riding, and watching silent films.